Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

If you are being sucked into the 2nd worst commercialised day of the year, then maybe our survival guide could help you get through this Valentine’s Day with some useful tips and luxury gifts suggestions.

Whether you are a fan of expressing your love and devotion for your partner to the world or want to show you care with a small gesture, here at KJ Beckett we have everything you need to suit all budgets. Our nifty tips of overcoming the Valentine’s Day

Think of Valentine’s Day as a game on your new Xbox one or PS4, you are glad to have your partner but you have to work hard through the challenges (levels in game language) that life throws at you. Therefore think of the big V-Day as a points scoring game out of 100, and that your mission is impress to win.

Valentine’s Day Tip 1

Just because you are not into the lovey dovey monarchy, doesn’t mean your partner isn’t. Let’s start with the all important plan of the day. Thankfully Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday this year, perfect for the time off side, not so perfect for when you are trying to book places to go or do. Plan in advance and book her favourite restaurant in advance (40 points straight away). Start from the beginning of the day with a lovely breakfast in bed, it doesn’t have to be eggs Benedict with gold flakes on (however that would give you the ultimate boost of points), but a simple cuppa with crumpets can be just as lovely (15 points). 

Valentine’s Day Tip 2

A gift gesture is crucial as it can give you the mother of all points! Going the typical flowers and chocolates route will only give you the standard 15 points, so to take full advantage of the mother of all points scoring part of the day; head over to KJ Beckett for luxurious designer brand accessories that can make her day and give you the 40-50 points that you need to win! Surprise her with a Vivienne Westwood handbag to use for work, or a luxury French connection purse with money inside to go on a shopping spree, a pair of socks for cold nights or even a pair of pearl earrings to go out for dinner for the Valentine’s Day date. Ideas like these can gain you huge amounts of points!

Valentine’s Day Tip 3

Don’t go spending mad, unless you have the money for it; it’s one day and is a much commercialised day. So keep the spending short and sweet, either a beautiful day out with a small gift gesture or an extravagant present with a homemade candle lit dinner. Either way put yourself out for one day as a reminder to your partner how dear they are to you; it’s amazing how much one day can make or break you - It can either be victory or GAME OVER.