Spring Style

Spring Style

Finally! There is a light at the end of the winter- tunnel; spring is ahead! After a long 4 months of wrapping up in huge amounts of layers, using your phone as a flash light to guide your way to your locations and the depressing daily routine of going to work in the dark and coming home in it. Well now that is all about to change, possibly our favourite time of the year as the blooms come out to blossom (as well as our social life) and the thick knitted layers can come off in preparation for summer.

But there is one problem that we all encounter when this time of year arrives; tackling the challenge of being brave enough to bare. No we don’t mean bare to the point of streaking, but even revealing the smallest amount of our pale skins after months of sheltering is enough to put anyone off from going out in public. Well do not fear; KJ Beckett is here! We will help you get into the swing of Spring in no time.

  1. Firstly; because of our unpredictable Great British weather; it’s possible we can’t banish our knitwear from our wardrobe completely. So reduce it slowly, starting with the cringe worthy novelty jumpers; the festive season of making yourself look like the joker of the gang is long gone. The colour of the year for gents is navy, an easy colour to combine both neutral earthy colours for a dapper casual look or mix navy with the classic black and white to achieve the ultimate sophisticated look for important gatherings.
  2. No matter what age you are, don’t be afraid of trying something new. Everyone, both man and woman should own at least 1 stripe top, combine it with a blazer jacket with loose fitted chinos or ripped jeans – this is a classic dapper look that can be achieved by everyone! If the day ahead is a nippy one then opt in for a knitted scarf and rustic boots.

If you are on a business trip then pack a navy blue suit with either a dark coloured knitted tie or a baby pink tie to really stand out from the broad room. Checkout our superb range of pockets squares and tie clips to truly have the unique finishing touch to your attire with a spring theme.

  1. Florals for spring? Duh! – Shake it up!

I know what you’re thinking… florals for spring is original, but with our simples tips; you can achieve a stunning look that is certainly not original. 

Spring is a superb time of year; it’s when the festival line-ups emerge, people prepare themselves for marathons, wedding bells start ringing (more often) and the summer holidays are within reach. Start SS15 with a bang by combing plain with patterns – 

Gentlemen: Spring’s weather can be a bit temperamental, white jeans are very in – so combine your whites with the colour of the year (navy). A navy blazer jacket is going to be your life jacket for the year. It goes with almost everything, add a striking paisley pocket square with matching tie and tie clip. A pair of navy toms will finish this look perfectly! 

You can also add a thin navy jumper over a shirt if the weather turns sour, this with the white jeans will help you keep that spring feeling! Why not add a statement watch to really seal the fashion deal. Men's Spring Style Women's Spring Style