Brand Spotlight – Burlington Socks

Brand Spotlight – Burlington Socks

From the very beginning, Burlington has realised how important creating high-quality products from the finest materials is. They realised that the variety of socks on the market were all the same; black, white or grey. That is why the Burlington brand was created, to change the sock market for good.

Argyle Pattern

Burlington socks are renowned for their argyle pattern, it is what got Burlington on their feet. The argyle pattern, the diamond with overcheck, is deeply rooted in British history. From as early as the 18th-century argyle has been affiliated with the Scottish clans, which is ultimately what made this pattern so popular on socks. Burlington now has a vast range of argyle patterned socks for both men and women. The popular Preston range is perfect for men and the Whitby range is gorgeously feminine for women. Both come in a large variety of colours that look great together.

Everybody Wears Socks…

Everybody wears socks, but not everybody makes a statement with their socks. Each pair of Burlington socks have been meticulously designed to ensure that they stand out from the standard designs that have remained unchanged for years. Burlington wants to ensure you look good as well as feel good. That is why the designers at Burlington have created patterns and designs that are unmistakeably creative. Whether that is their traditional argyle, a seasonal pattern or simply a bright block of colour, there is something for everyone.

Socks Made to be Worn

At Burlington ‘doesn’t fit’ doesn’t exist! To keep things simple Burlington has created socks that are designed to fit everybody, so you don’t need to worry about choosing the wrong size. Women have sizes available from 36-41 EUR (3.5-8.5 UK) and men can choose from 40-46 EUR (6.5-11 UK) or 46-50 EUR (11.5-15 UK), making them perfect for gifting! Burlington’s designs not only look great but feel great too. The designers at Burlington are highly skilled and recognise what is comfortable and what isn’t. Each sock has been crafted from a premium blend of materials that are not only luxuriously soft but breathable and lightweight too, which makes them perfect for wearing to work or just for a casual day out. Whatever the occasion Burlington socks will be the perfect companion.

Find the Perfect Pair

Here at KJ Beckett, we house a large variety of Burlington socks for both men and women. A couple of our men's socks top picks include the Manchester range. These socks are classic and charming. The traditional argyle pattern is without a doubt a fashionable choice for any gentleman. They have been crafted from quality materials that allow you to feel comfortable all day long and they come in a huge range of colours, so you are certain to find the perfect pair for you! They are an ideal addition to your sock drawer. For women's socks, we love the Bonnie range. These are a modern twist on the classic argyle socks. The gorgeously multi-coloured diamonds create a stylish sporty look, and they are also available in a fabulous colour range. Browse through our Burlington sock collection and we are certain you will fall in love.