Wedding Season

Wedding Season

With Wedding season vastly approaching as the bitter cold weather withers away, it’s time to start considering what to wear for any upcoming weddings in the foreseen future.  Whether you are a guest with a goal to be the best dressed, or a part of the very important bridal party, you can be sure to find all the accessories you need to add those important finishing touches.

Here at KJ Beckett, we’re here on hand to help you look your very best for such a special occasion. We offer a huge selection of hand crafted cufflinks, luxury made ties, durable socks and many more accessories to turn your dull look into memorable and sophisticated attire. After years of assisting grooms with little touches for their fellow groomsmen’s attire; we have a few wedding tips that might come in handy, both fashion and insanity situations.

Wedding Tip #1

You have just popped the most important question in your life and the lucky lady (or gent) has answered it with big ear screeching “yes!” - Congratulations! Now be prepared for months of hard saving and painful sittings at overwhelming wedding fairs. However annoying they might be, they are perfect for gathering ideas and information with vendors to help piece your wedding together, the internet is also a good place to start.  Don’t go to every event near you as they can be over whelming with small businesses eager to get your attention. 

One final tip is to try and do your research on a wedding fair before turning up; you might be disappointed with only a handful of stalls that you have no interest in having at your big day.

Wedding Tip #2

Once you have gathered ideas and inspiration, it’s time to make them a reality. Do a mood board with you and your partner’s ideas on each side of the board, ask for opinions from friends or family to see if either of your ideas clash. Getting opinions from outside of your circle can benefit but only if they are constructed criticism, there is no need for insults. Pinterest is superb for collaborating ideas together from previous weddings, whether it’s a colour scheme or a dodgy theme; Pinterest can point you in the right direction.

This stage is all about compromise, weddings used to be all about the bride in the past but we are out of the dark ages and in with an equally life changing day for the both of you, and therefore you are planning the biggest day of your lives as a team.

Wedding Tip #3

Once the theme and the colour scheme are agreed, it’s time for the groom to sort out his groomsmen and the bride takes charge of her bridesmaids. Let’s shop! You can’t really order anything for the wedding until the bridal party has their outfits as it’s important to avoid a colour clash, so make this your first priority.  We would advise that the ladies chooses their attire first and then the gents can go from there, ask the fitter for his opinion as he has most likely seen what works and what doesn’t when it comes to suits matching colours and themes.

Wedding Tip #4

You should be now on the right path to seeing your wedding taking shape, the bridal party is suited and booted and now it’s time to book the all the important pieces to the big day. Photographer(s) and videographer are essential as they provide the memorable evidence to your big day. Flowers, wedding decor, invitations, cake, rings, musical and general entertainment should be booked in advance as they vendors can be booked up fast. If you are bringing in your own caterer then it’s important you find more positive reviews than bad and that they have passed food safety and hygiene regulations, you want your wedding to be remembered for good reasons.

Important Tip! -  Consider having the speeches between the starter and the main so you are not nervous throughout the wedding breakfast. If you’re a bride then also consider being the first to speak to avoid your nerves blocking out the heartfelt words from the most important men in your life; your father and new husband.

It’s important to think like a guest, what would they like to experience at a wedding? Keep the budget in mind when trying to achieve this and always be realistic. Most of the time guests are happy with almost anything, it’s impossible to keep everyone happy. As long as you are both happy with the day then that is all that matters.

Wedding Tip #5

Finish the wedding planning process with a holiday to lift those wedding-over blues. Mini-moons are becoming increasingly popular as you can save money with the shorter stay option and perfect for those with young families or work responsibilities. If you are not a fan of flying then try and consider a cruise or maybe a getaway to a peaceful cottage out in the countryside or a place by the sea. No matter what your budget is, try your best to treat yourself one last time but without getting yourself into debt at the start of your married life.

Live life to its fullest, write a bucket list of life ambitions and accomplish them together as a team. Save well, don’t feel bad when you treat yourself occasionally. Compromise at almost everything, try something new every week and exercise well to keep your health in tip top shape. Even if you don’t like doing something that they have a passion for, you will get your turn eventually.