Brand Spotlight – Obviously Apparel

Brand Spotlight – Obviously Apparel

Years ago, a group of people set out to disrupt the underwear market. They were frustrated with the lack of versatility in men’s underwear. The same designs, the same colours and the same average level of comfort. That is when Obviously Apparel was born, a brand that made it their mission to shake up the men’s underwear scene. They are now a world-renowned premium men’s underwear brand.

Anatomical Pouch

Obviously’s take on underwear has been revolutionary. They have an industrial design engineer running their design team, so it is guaranteed that each of their garments has been meticulously researched, tested and fitted to ensure it meets your expectations. Perhaps their most ground-breaking invention is the anatomical pouch. It provides maximum comfort, fit and performance whilst maintaining a natural downwards positioning and feel. It consists of two different designs – AnatoMAX which is the larger of the two and allow men to feel complete freedom of movement, and AnatoFREE, which provides a slightly more snug and supportive fit. Whichever you choose, you are guaranteed to experience the utmost comfort.

Ultra-Comfortable Fabric

What is the point in having a great design but not a great fabric to make it from? That is why Obviously went on a journey to discover the very best fabric for their products. They finally settled on two, micro modal/lycra and bamboo rayon/lycra. Both have been specially created to provide the highest level of comfort. Micro modal is manufactured from sustainably grown and harvested beech trees. It is the lightest, softest, most comfortable natural fabric that is on the market. It moves effortlessly with your body to create that barely-there feel. However, they also wanted to provide a more affordable alternative that provided the same level of comfort. Bamboo rayon is manufactured from sustainably grown and harvested bamboo plants from China (not from the same species that pandas eat). It is hardwearing and moisture absorbent, meaning it creates the very best underwear for everyday wear.

Move with Your Body

Obviously wanted didn’t want to fit in with the typical stereo type of men feeling uncomfortable in tight cotton underwear. That is why each pair of underwear has been designed to move with your body all day long, to eliminate pinching and bunching up. Obviously have invested time in eradicating the problems associated with normal underwear. That is why their designs mean the underwear will accommodate any movement and will feel comfortable from morning through to evening. The anatomical pouch and breathable fabrics also prevent rubbing and chaffing, Obviously believe no man should have to suffer like that on a daily basis.

Luxury Comfort at Affordable Prices

Here at KJ Beckett we sell a large variety of Obviously products at affordable prices. From the EveryMan to the PrimeMan to the FreeMan, there is a range for everyone. A few of our best-selling products include the EveryMan 9-inch. These are perfect for men who have thicker and larger thighs as the longer length will prevent them riding up. They also come in a range of colours, so you are certain to find a pair that suits you. There is also a shorter 3-inch design that are perfect for slimmer guys. We also house a range of barely-there underwear including the PrimeMan jockstrap and thong. These make you feel like you have nothing on but still provide you with that second to none support and comfort. Once you experience the premium feel Obviously underwear gives you, you will never go back.

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