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Men's Tie Pins

Originally worn by the wealthiest English gentlemen to help secure their cravats, tie pins have been seen as a unique way to hold your tie in place whilst offering a touch of class to an outfit. A tie pin is simply a pin which is piece through your silk tie while the chain is placed through your button hole ensuring your tie stays in place. Browse our range of tie pins which are presented in a myriad of colours.

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  1. SALE 40% Off
    Peter Werth Marty Tie Pin - Silver/Black
  2. SALE 30% Off
    Vivienne Westwood Phoenix Resin Tie Pin - Aubergine
  3. SALE 40% Off
    Peter Werth Ike Tie Pin - Silver/Black
  4. SALE 30% Off
    denisonboston 2 Tone Level Tie Pin - Pink

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