Welcome to www.kjbeckett.com

Welcome to KJ Beckett.

Hanro Men’s Underwear

Discover a luxurious range of durable underwear for men by the prestigious underwear experts; Hanro.

We also offer other recognizable brands such as Equmen, Diesel, Gant and many more, who expertly crafts underwear that provides you long-lasting comfort, as well as stylish designs for everyday use.

We also provide uniquely made designer vests, t-shirts, sleepwear and socks to go with our specially made underwear.

Komono Watches

Komono has always had a thirst for creating unique and creative accessories for both men and women, and their dedication to hard work shows immensely in their watches.

Komono are constantly creating new and inspiring designs, using the smallest details of what surrounds and has influenced them during their travels.

Why not discover our other incredible watch collections from exclusive designer brands. Such as Nixon, Thomas Earnshaw, Simon Carter, Ingersoll and AVI-8, these unique watch experts deliver class, sophistication and excellent performance.

Coeur Neckwear

Here at KJ Beckett, we are proud to feature a diverse variety of ties, bow ties, pocket squares and many more by exclusive designer neckwear expert; Coeur.

Intended for those who seek ‘different’, dashing and elegant, Coeur also provides fun, vibrant and distinct neckwear for those who are more daring to stand out at gatherings.

We also offer a huge selection of luxury ties and bow ties; along with neckwear accessories such as tie pins, tie slides, tie tacs, and many more to compliment your attire for those special occasions or for everyday use.


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