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Men's Tie Pins

Phenomenal choice of Men's Tie Pins

Originally worn by the wealthiest English gentlemen to help secure their cravats, tie pins have been a unique way to hold your tie in place whilst offering a touch of class to an outfit. A tie pin is simply a pin that is pierced through your silk tie while the chain is placed through your buttonhole ensuring your tie stays in place. Browse our range of tie pins which are presented in a myriad of colours.


Tie pins are a neckwear controlling device that was originally being worn by an English gentleman to keep their cravats in place. First noticed in the 19th century, Americans in the 1870s had designed stickpins with animal heads, wishbones, flowers, and other motifs to make it more unique for themselves. Whilst by the 1890s, the tie pin had crossed gender lines and was being worn by women for sporting outfits such as bicycling and horseback riding. Gold and Silver tie pins are commonly used for all types of attire or events as they made a comeback in 2013.


You will need to know how to wear it correctly to prevent your tie from ending up over your shoulder on windy days. Here are some easy steps on how to wear it like a pro; firstly you will need to remove the tie pin back by pulling the tapered end to release the pin, secondly you need to position the pin in the very centre of the tie or slightly higher on your chest, thirdly locate one of the buttonholes on your shirt, fourthly when you are happy with the positioning, secure the back of the tie pin by pulling the tapered end to grip the pin and finally slip the bar through the nearest shirt buttonhole to keep it secure, if you find it is too loose then you need to re-position it lower.

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